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  • Is a Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Unit The Right Choice For Your Home or Business?

        No ductwork!? That's right! With the Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system from Carrier, you don't have to have the heavy labor and mess involved with a complete duct Ductless Air Conditioning Corning, NYsystem. These state of the art systems are ideal for both older homes without the proper set up for central air, and old and new homes without a duct system. Going with the Ductless system involves very little mess at all, nor does is mean sacrificing your view of the great outdoors with an ugly window unit. 

        These systems are not just for AC! They are also capable of heating a large space in the winter. They pack a powerful, yet energy efficient punch. The Ductless systems are capable of heating down to -22 degrees and cooling up to 130 degrees F, all with a Energy Star Certification!

        Another great benefit of the Carrier Ductless system is that is operates with very little sound. Unlike bulky window units that are sometimes so loud that it's difficult to hold a conversation while they are running, Ductless systems are ideal for spaces that could use Best Heating and Air Conditioning Installers Corning nylow sound levels. 

        More and more Corning, New York area homes and places of business are choosing to go with the Ductless system because it's a great blend of efficiency, low cost, and performance.  If you act now you can get a free quote and $50 off an Ambient Heating and Air install by Clicking Here!

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